Do you require assistance with investigating theft or fraud within the workplace or assistance with preparing an evidential package to present to civil or criminal courts?

Prevention Protocols can provide you with that assistance and would be happy to discuss your issues with you no matter how large or small they may be.We do not claim to be the master of all trades within policing,Prevention Protocols are a small team with a great deal of experience . If we have not got the skills or knowledge that you require,then through our contacts we will find them and subsequently provide the support that you need.

Are you seeking to work with the Police,bid for contracts or require advise concerning proposed projects and business’s linked to law enforcement?

At Prevention Protocols Ltd our team members have had years of experience in all aspects of law enforcement, knowledge which can be invaluable when planning projects and business in this area of work. Prevention Protocols seek to keep the skills which our team have gained throughout their law enforcement careers alive, ensuring they can be used to good effect, and remain an invaluable option for you to use and consider in your area of work.

Media and Scriptwriting

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of law enforcement which can be extremely useful for script writers and those involved in the media who require experience,creativity,inspiration and honest opinion.We are confident in speaking with authority around law enforcement,providing an educated and wide range of alternatives  to their projects.

Crisis Management

Dealing with threats before,during or after they have occurred is a skill which we have gained through years of experience. Our team can assist you with identifying,assessing,understanding and coping with situations either prior to,during or after they have occurred. The learning from critical incidents will help to provide you with reassurance and confidence for the future.