Is your area of work involved with sharing information with the police or local authorities and would you benefit from advice and direction to improve your project?

Whilst working in close collaboration with UK Government departments and agencies,we have designed, written and Coordinated the production of national guidance in various aspects of counter terrorism and policing in general. We appreciate the importance of working in collaboration with partner agencies and the obstacles which can be over turned when striving to achieve joint ventures.

Police officers have spent their careers getting to know their communities, and creating links with partners who enable them to get to know their “patch” better. These links, particularly within their Local Authorities and other statutory bodies enable them to have extensive knowledge of their community and ensure that by effectively sharing information with partners that informed action can be taken to identify any threats, vulnerabilities and risks.

Prevention Protocols have members of staff who are skilled communicators with extensive community engagement experience and the credibility required to liaise with key stakeholders and peers in both the public and government sector.