There is no other employment which offers the excitement, intrigue, danger, skills and life changing experiences which police and other law enforcement officers face on a daily basis. Prevention Protocols have this experience and can bring it to you to use in whatever project you wish to undertake.

Prevention Protocols Ltd are a highly versatile and professional team with a demonstrable track record of operational and tactical accomplishments in law enforcement and providing a specialism in the field of Counter Terrorism, gathering and recording intelligence,investigations and events planning.

This company draws upon the experience of our unique and invaluable experience gained during our careers, experience which can be lost when for instance police careers come to an abrupt end after having served over 30 years in public service.

Our team will have been subject to vetting procedures including Developed Vetting (DV) throughout their employment. This ensures that our customers have the confidence that our team can be trusted, are reliable, and will deal with their business with integrity and honesty.

Associate profile.

 Each associate member who supports Prevention Protocols Ltd in the delivery of general services or training will comply with the following criteria.

  • Have evidence of high levels of performance through reviews or references for the last two years
  • Possess appropriate qualifications or evidenced experience for the disciplines required within the contract
  • Have at least two years experience of delivering services to the public sector or armed services
  • Have undergone a degree of vetting appropriate to the contract
  • Possess professional indemnity insurance and provide evidence that they can comply with policies in relation to equality, fairness and health and safety
  • Demonstrate that they can work flexibly and travel within the UK if required, including overnight stays
  • Supply two independent referees, covering work periods completed over a time span of four years
Staff Code of Conduct and Compliance.
When you entrust us with your business you can be assured that we will deliver the contracted services in a professional and efficient manner.

We will be as flexible as possible in accommodating last minute changes or requests and will make clear if there are implications to the contract that exist between us.

Any shortcomings will receive our immediate attention and we will aim to achieve a swift resolution to issues that arise.

We will always strive to comply with your Health and Safety, and Equality and Fairness policies that exist at the time of contracting our services.

Prevention Protocols Ltd comply with the Home Office ‘values’ test utilised by the UK Prevent Strategy.


Environmental Policy Statement

Prevention Protocols Ltd will;

  • Minimise waste by assessing the implications of all contracts tendered for
  • Comply with the environmental and re cycle policies owned by our clients
  • Source re cycled material wherever possible and utilise electronic media at every opportunity
  • Utilise public transport wherever possible and assess the CO2 emissions and running costs of all private vehicles used within the delivery of contracts