Our Services

We draw upon the experience of those who have had years of experience in the field of counter terrorism, major investigations and serious and organised crime, as well as the gathering and recording of intelligence to work on your behalf.

We provide security and police consulting services, with the aim of providing our clients with peace of mind that their interests are safe and secure. Whether it’s protecting your home or business from external threats, or gathering evidence on your behalf and working with local authorities to secure criminal convictions, we’re here to help.

Security Consulting

Since its formation in 2011 Prevention Protocols Ltd have worked with businesses to help them identify and solve weaknesses in their security. Our unique methodology analyses every area of your business to identify and solve your security vulnerabilities.

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Using our knowledge of police procedures and standards, we carry out investigations for our clients enabling them to decide as to whether a private course of action should be taken, or a referral to the police based on an evidential package acceptable for UK civil and criminal courts.

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